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If you like to recyle old electronics (as I do) you can sometimes find a jem in the junk.  I found a few TL497's in my junk box and they work great at getting 15V from 5V.

Actually, these nice chips are still available New from Mouser electronics (so I guess other vendors have them as well)  Only $1.50 or so each.  The only tricky component needed is a power inductor of the right value.


Maybe a High-Side Power Supply - used for N-channel MOSFETs.
I've used the MAX1822.
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Ive decided on buying a doubler. After more research ive found that i dont need to measure over 1800f. Im gonna use the ADM660 that jluciani suggested in an earlier post. Thanks again guys.


I think you are better off with a doubler. A lot of people make the x660 series doublers
(and doublers in general). You only need two or three caps to get 50-100mA.
The ADM660 is reasonable priced especially considering it is coming from a quality
manufacturer like Analog Devices.

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