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Sound quality surprises me!
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Twelve IN-12 nixie tubes, sockets and 74141 ICs and 20 IN-35 nixies.

New years resolution: stop buying stuff and actually get making.


New years resolution: stop buying stuff and actually get making.

Yeah.  I guess it's the difference between having more money than time, or having more time than money.


Yeah.  I guess it's the difference between having more money than time, or having more time than money.

Well buying lots of parts can change that round  ;D


1300 components from Futurlec and a TI Chronos. I must say that this is the coolest watch ever.


Picked it up for £80 ;)


|I love Technology|



Picked up another big batch of surplus parts from Apache Reclamation today:

 * some Figaro gas sensors (not sure what kind, I have an email in to Figaro)
 * several motors (DC, one stepper)
 * a couple of 12VDC fluid pumps
 * some heatsinks (for some reason, finding nice multiwatt-15 heatsinks isn't easy; the closest I came was some expensive beast from SparkFun, and something from Digikey - found ones at ARE for 15 cents each)
 * some MJ12005 NPN power transistors
 * a bunch of TO-3 insulators (plastic and mica - at least 200 or so)
 * LM350K TO-3 3A adjustable voltage regulators
 * a 555 (it looked lonely)
 * a Motorola RTL JK flip-flop (still in-package!) for my antique collection
 * some microswitches
 * some trapped-ball tilt switches

Plus a variety of 74xxx parts (most LS):

 * 74LS245
 * 74LS253
 * 74HC943 (woohoo - 300 baud modem!)
 * 74LS168
 * 74LS14
 * LM337
 * LM565
 * ADG412BN

All-in-all, some fun stuff; the motors were kinda on the more expensive side of things ($10.00 each for some), but the components were only about $1.00 each on average. Plus there were a few "gives" (like the gas sensors). It was a good day.

Oh - and I went to Goodwill and got a small New Bright R/C truck ($3.00), and two ATA100 3.5" removable drive docks ($3.00 each - still in shrink wrap).


/I've got problems... ;D
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* a 555 (it looked lonely)

::) Shopping addict!
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I've got problems...

Not at all, you got so much stuff that you can build what ever you want... no problems at all ;)

Would be the same to ask an alcoholic if he had an alcohol problem... "No, I got plenty" ;)
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I just got this brand new 3.5" VIA Eden ESP6000 Micro Module for free together with a 500MB RAM module :-)

It has a 1GHz CPU onboard.




That's nice! What're you using it for Thansen?


Jan 10, 2011, 02:06 pm Last Edit: Jan 10, 2011, 10:24 pm by Thansen_DK Reason: 1
That's it, I really don't know :-)

Maybe a small webserver, although I already have a webserver in my NAS (Synology DS107+) but it's pretty slow, maybe a server with this board are a bit faster.

I also got a Optrex LCD Panel T-51750GD065J-FW-ADN
It's a 6,5" LCD 640x480 But it's without controller, anybody know anything about that?
It would be nice if I could purchase a seperate controller and use it with the Via Eden bord :-)
According to the datasheet the interface is a 18-bit parallel data transfer (6-bit / color)

Any suggestions?

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