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First time poster but I've already got lots of help getting started with arduino from these forums, thanks to all who contribute!

I'm trying to get data from sensors attached to an Uno into a Google Spreadsheet. From the Google end I want to use the fetchurl.fetch function of google apps scripts to request data from the Arduino and then do various things with it.

On the Arduino end, as the title states, I've got the CC3000 WiFi chip from AdaFruit and am using the aREST library (http://arest.io) as part of my software. This setup seems to be working OK as I can point Chrome to the IP of the CC3000 and get readings displayed in the browser. I am using the 'Lightweight' mode of aREST so I just get a number displayed in the browser.

The problems start when I try to access this data from outside my home network (as google spreadsheets will need to). I've setup a port forward on my router. It seems like requests are getting though (i.e google apps reports a http response code of 200 (OK) and no connection error is displayed when I attempt to access the url from my phone over a 3g connection) but the actual data number itself is not displayed, just a blank page. If I turn WiFi on on my phone (so I am inside my home network) and refresh the page the number reappears. I have several other port forwards setup (for other purposes) that work fine, so I am confident I have my router configured correctly.

Anyone have any idea what could be causing this problem? Is there something I can try on the software/arduino side or is this likely an issue with my router?


Bump. Any thoughts/ideas appreciated. This has me stumped at this point.


Have you been able to get something as simple as the WebServer example running using a public IP address using Port Forwarding?, this may be your first step.

I've had WebServer running OK to the internal IP address on my local LAN ( off the back of my NetComm Router but Port Forwarding has been a problem.
I'm using NOIP.COM to generate a static public IP Address & that allows me to connect to the router OK but the internal Port Forwarding is a problem for me to get working.

Interested to see if you get Port Forwarding running as your first step.   

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