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Is there a piece of code that will allow me to use the Serial Monitor by only typing and not having to press "enter" or click the "send" button? what can I do?


Some serial termimal programs send every character immediately.
Why don't you want to press 'enter' ?


I want to build an RC car, and control it with my computer, also I wanted to build the controls in a videogameish way so I'd only use arrows, or asdw keys...

I found that I needed a Processing program to send serial information automatically, did it alredy, works perfectly.

So yeah, found a way around the serial monitor, I only run my program and instead of opening the monitor I open the processing code.


If you have windows, hyperterminal might do what you want.
Google forum search: Use Google Advanced Search and use Http://forum.arduino.cc/index in the "site or domain:" box.

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