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I came up with an idea of an Arduino Board that is connected to the internet through Ethernet, and sends text with the GSM shield.

Text your zip code, City, or State to get a text with all the statistics for weather. Text "add" and your zip code, city, or state to be  added onto a list that texts you when a major storm, or any warning in general has been issued. Using weather.com, the information is ripped directly from there and updated. Locally, the LCD screen connected to the Arduino Board will display requests for weather, time, date, how many people using the service, when a new phone number is added, etc.

I only have the Arduino Uno, SD card shield, Ethernet Shield, 20x16 LCD screen, and I am going to purchase the GSM shield.

Thing is, is that I have no experience with programming or Arduino designing, since I just purchased the board and components on 3/28/13. :smiley-sad-blue:

Please post, personal message, or email me with help. I have no idea what I'm doing, and would like guidance. It's why I posted this, anyways.  :smiley-sweat:

Edit: Using this type of Service - http://www.weather.com/weather/rss/subscription/


The Ethernet Shield already contains the microSD card socket.
Click on the "Getting started" link in that page, and try a few examples for the Ethernet and SD card.
The examples for that are also included in the Arduino IDE (the Arduino software).


I got the SD card shield because my MicroSD card didn't have enough storage.

The phone numbers will be stored on the SD card.

Unfortunately, the Getting Started page doesn't really help me that much, because I have no experience with programming the Arduino.  :~


In the Arduino IDE (the Arduino software) are example sketches.
Start with Basics/Blink.


For the easy "LED Blink" projects and such, I can understand most of it.

To specify, I have the Seeed Versions of the shields.

Here is the layout of the project (how it may look).

What do you think?

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