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Based on your location "Quebecicon" has a nice ring to it...
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Thanks for you ideas but I still don't know what I'll pick :p

Some people are telling me to name it ElectrOli ...(my first name is olivier).

What do you think about this?


ElectrOli is good enough.

The content is going to be key, not the name.


is it going to be a **blank**.wordpress.com??? If so it doesn't matter too much. You could call it "Oli's Electronics Blog" That's descriptive enough.

I've purchased about a dozen domain names over the years intending to do something with them then never have. Sad thing is I keep renewing them year after year.

Actually I did just let one laps on the first. It was hard. Was one of my first and a 5 character name, but it had a number in it so I doubt anyone would want it.
10 PRINT CHR$(7)
20 GOTO 10



that's some of gimmick name.


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