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I have a 5V 1A portable battery with USB port (used for charging smartphones). Is the current okay for arduino? Can I use it without worries it'll fry?


the arduino, and devices hooked to it will draw what current it needs regardless of capabilities of the supply

drawing 10ma with a 1 amp supply, no problem, drawing 10 amps from a 1 amp supply, the supply will fry


The battery also has 2.1A port... But I guess it's useless as max current through arduino is 200mA. Right?


Arduino USB port also has 500mA series fuse, will be hard to draw more than that.

"drawing 10 amps from a 1 amp supply, the supply will fry"
Not necessarily - many (most?) switching power supplies are short circuit protected and will simply shut down until the short is removed.
Linear regulated supplies, agree, damage may occur.
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Ok so it means I can use it and be aware nit to draw more than 200mA total (maximum for Mega 2560 R3). Right?

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