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Well Eagle is so unfriendly it's crap, without a ton or reading I cant even get started.
Fritzing keeps putting things in the wrong place.
Screw that where my copper clad stripboard.
Sorry for the noobish post but my knowledge is 10 years out of date!


It's not that it's unfriendly, it's got a ton more options than Fritzing.  You can do alot more with Eagle.  Also, there are Eagle tutorials that can get you started.  Just search Google.  I learned and made my first PCB in Eagle in less than a day..  I started with Fritzing and it's good for beginners, but once you design more complicated boards, Fritzing lacks.

Coding Badly

Crystal is rather far from the processor.  I believe Atmel recommends as close as possible with a ground plane.

No bypass capacitors?

I believe the TLC5940 datasheet calls for a capacitor of several microfarads across VCC and GND.


Ah yes, bypass caps..  I can't believe I missed those..

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