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OK what options are there for ethernet for the due regarding libraries etc as well as electrically?

I've looked at ENC28J60 and as I could pick one up for under £3 I have ordered one (not too bothered if it doesn't work I can use it for something else anyway).

I've looked at the W5100 and all the shields appear to be for everything but the DUE.....  Will they work electrically without an issue?....  Is there a library that is reliable?  Obviously I'll have to wire it differently as there is a CTE TFT shield sat on top of my DUE at the moment.

Eventually if the project works well I might get a W5200 and use the W5100 or ENC28J60 for something else.

Obviously cost wise the ENC28J60 will be cheapest but I'm not that concerned because this is a one off purchase and will go with a computer/due/pi combo I am building so isn't a major issue BUT if I can get away with the ENC28J60 whilst I am building it all then that would help the finances over all (the PC internals are about £800).

I am using a CTE shield on the DUE as it was as cheap as building my own board - although I will build a board later once it is all up an running.

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