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I'd like to ask you to make sure really you need altitude and not height or elevation.
It could be an important factor in determining the best approach.


Barometric sensors work well for rocketry, However they get zeroed at the location.
Driving around with one however can give very erroneous results, as others have pointed out local pressure variations affect them.


If all you want is relative difference in altitude between your location and some other location, say a low-altitude weather balloon, you can use a MPL115A2 on the balloon and one at your location and the difference in atmospheric pressures will tell you the difference in height.  Using the differential pressure method reduces the effects changes in the weather, note I said reduces the effects not eliminates.  After working on systems like this I can tell you the baro method of height estimation will be more accurate then the GPS method in the majority of cases.


right ! 5u very much for all the aswers; here is my appli :

i want to detect in real time the altitude of my position during a travel in my car from point "a" to point"b" and i want to extract the values to get the final curve.

i only want to know what kind of detector is the best for this.....

many thanks... :smiley-mr-green:

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