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ok im trying to build a media device for a college grad project. i am using an arduino mega, the seeed music shield v1.0 and an ebay 2.4"tft touch screen..
i need to be able to complete a few tasks.
first i need a simple gui for the tft.
   - needs menu for playing mp3 files
     -play-pause-ffwd-rwnd-etc buttons.
   - needs menu for jpg/bmp display
     -click file name to view img.- next img btn- prev. img btn- home btn.
   - needs option for auxiliary pass through.
     -hook up phone to input on mp3 shield and play music/hear phone calls.
   - menu for switching on/off led lights w/ pwm dimming (slider)?
i also need to have a settings menu for backlight brightness and battery capacity/charge
this will all be running from a rechargeable battery pack
i believe all of this is possible but i am not sure how to program the gui or implement the menu system.
any help would be great
      Kevin G.


How far have you got?
What options have you come up with?
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i originally started with a seeed tft and had manipulated a menu system to a point but the limitations with their v1.0 tft caused me to change directions. i have the music shield and the mega on hand but i cant get the music demo sketches to compile. so i really have nothing. im mainly in need of an easy to manipulate menu system almost like an os or gui for navigating the menus.

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