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I have kids ages 7, 9 and 14. I would like to get them started on learning robotics and programming. The idea is to get them motivated to learn science, math and engineering.

I need a standard curriculum combined with some kit(s). I know there is a plethora of information about the subject on the web, but It's hard to figure out which way to go if you are just starting. Do you do Parralex, Lego Mindstorm, Pic, Arduino, etc. From what I have heard, Arduino is the most flexible?

I want something with emphasis on learning, not just random assembly projects. I need then to learn the "why" not just the "how".

I need a "good" starting point and a road map (more like an academic curriculum). Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.


This post reminded me of an article I read about a surgical robotics specialist who wrote a kid's book about 'malleable intelligence' for her niece to encourage learning in non-traditional fields (like robotics). Here's the link to the article if you want to read it: http://hub.jhu.edu/gazette/2015/march-april/spotlight-on-carol-reiley. Lego Mindstorm has found a lot of success with kids -- but that's brand power for you.

Have fun!


I teach my robotics class through the Project Lead the Way curriculum.  It uses the Vex robotics system.  Vex is programmed using versions of C, so students get a good idea of programming basics while working with one of the most common languages.  One of the things I like best about using vex is that it has a lot of options for mechanical systems, its not just a chassis with sensors.  My students have built things that aren't normally thought of as robots by students, including elevators, toll booths and a large assembly line with 12 different groups making robots that work together.  For completeness and ease of use, I can't recommend the PLTW curriculum more.


I would start the younger ones with WeDo Robotics kit. It is the easest program to start with. One LEGo Wedo kit and software is all you. LEGO has pretty good resourses. Check out the link https://education.lego.com/es-ar/lesi/elementary/lego-education-wedo/getting-started-with-wedo

If you are in SF bay area check us out. We offer many Robotics courses at www.visiontechcamps.com


I am in NJ.

Thanks everyone for the helpful guidance. I am still researching the options, gearing up to buy something in the next few days.
As I have said I would like some thing that would teach the kids technology. Not just a toy. I don't wnat them to just learn how to assemble something. That's why I would like to see a book or some sort of a guide that goes with it. It does not have to be complex or fancy. But it does need to engage the young minds and teach them something new. Lego seems a good option, but some what costly. But if it's the best option, i would go for it.

Arduino, seems to be for the more advanced user. Maybe later on I can start experimenting with it

Vex, is some thing I am looking into too. I will keep updating this post with my finding. Hopefully I can help others who might have the same questions.



This is a question many people ask.

You can start with Arduino Uno that is very economic and have a huge knowledge base in the web.

For making the start easier for the kids start with PAPAYAcode. This is a free graphical very easy to use software. After the kids getting used with the programming logic, they can jump to pure code with Arduino IDE.

The PAPAYAcode also permit the mix of visual programming together with pure code for more advanced users.



If budget is a consideration, Yourduino has some quality products and this might be right dow your alley:



I use Scratch for Arduino and Snap for Arduino. Free downloads and you can use a Pololu motor driver so you get forward / reverse control.

I've used normal IDE for 10 /11 year olds. Great examples of what we've done on our website.


The children get into it really easily.

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