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I want to try my hand at Arduino. I want to buy an Arduino Kit, but i am not sure which one would suit me. My considerations are,
a. Ethernet port (To read an i/p from network, can be either a webservice / a text file)
b. LEDs (RGB Colored) (Based on i/p light an LED)
c. Program via USB
The idea is i should be able to light different colored light based on the i/p.

Can you please suggest as to which one should i purchase. I am based in India, so any recommendations of a vendor is highly appreciated :)



The Arduino Uno is the most common and easiest Arduino board.

If you combine Arduino Uno and a Ethernet shield, you can make a webserver.
The Arduino Ethernet is a single board that combines the Uno and the Ethernet shield.


Using a W5100 based ethernet shield makes things easier.
The ENC28J60 based ethernet shield will work, but the library is not included with the Arduino.

I would suggest to buy an Arduino Uno and a Ethernet shield.
You can use the Arduino Uno to learn how to use it, and try a few examples. The examples are included in the Arduino IDE (the software).
If your sketch would get too large, you can replace the Arduino Uno with the Arduino Mega 2560.


If you buy a clone from Ebay, they have cheap components and sometimes they have problems. The older version of the Arduino Uno and Arduino Mega boards work the older version of the Ethernet shield.
If you buy the newer R3 (or Revision 3) version, both the Arduino board and the Ethernet shield should be version R3.


I've heard of induino, which is Arduino clones made in India. You might be able to hook up with some people local to give you suggestions of what/where to buy stuff.

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