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I started getting this error on sketch upload - then tried another PC and it worked. Then tried the original PC and it worked. Now trying both, and getting the error again on both. Different cable too.

Sometimes it shows some pages loaded. Is my board dud?


And now a sketch uploaded...I can only think the board is faulty.


Which makes me wonder why there isn't adequate QA. This is not acceptable.


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The board seemed to get further as it was connected longer ... eventually the full sketch would load (with no hardware changes => the two geniuses).

Now it does not load at all.

Is there an official Due support site?


Is there an official Due support site?

This is it, although not that many people have experience with the Due yet I think.

So far it sounds like you've swapped everything except the Due, that points to a flaky board but you need another one to prove it.

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