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Yes, ElcoJacobs ShiftPWM is nicely done!

I won't have the high density WS2811 in stock for while. Still have the 30px/m and the 60px/m in waterproof (possible to just slide the strip out of the sleeve). I think several other vendors have it, too.
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Just to be clear: For controlling 36mm RGB LED pixel - i would be needed an arduino + some led driver compatible with arduino?
Only arduino can not control rgb led pixel, i`am right?


What is a 36mm RGB LED? Sounds huge, biggest I have seen is 10mm. Please describe the part some more.

Arduino can control RGB LEDs, some driver help may be needed depending on the voltage & current.
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Please find link as following: https://www.adafruit.com/products/683#Distributors But following LED`s i need to buy from USA.
In my local store i have similar LED`s but without WS2801. So i`am guessing what to do.... purchase from USA & waiting for delivery or buy in local store & get to work promptly.


So that's a strand of 20 pixel, each pixel consists of 4 LEDs that are driven by a single WS2801 IC per pixel.  The strand runs on 12V.  Answering your previous question: you can get this product, a single Arduino, and a 12V source.  Done.

Connect the string to the Arduino's SPI pins, program your sketch using either FastSPI (http://code.google.com/p/fastspi/) or you can use Adafruit's library (https://github.com/adafruit/Adafruit-WS2801-Library) to run them.

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