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Steen: that module is the one I've been working with and best I can tell is limited to a basic network of 6 devices, although i'm not certain that this is correct.. can anyone clarify?

mauried: you say the jaycar device is too slow as i'd only get 4800bps yet I need only 3600. Do you have nay examples of the code that would be required to drive these units? Why would a 1 to 1 vs a 1 to 120 be any different in my situation?



About nrf24l01+ modules, the cheapest I've found are the following (less than  1 usd each with free shipping !!!).
You can find also smaller lot (about 10) around that price:

About the number of ANT network node (ANT is the name of the protocol implemented by  nrf24l01 chip), 6 are the pipes. A pipe is as ort of subchannels id(s) the devices uses to receive/send messages in a user transparent way. The pipes share the same RF frequency. A pipe can be seen as a usb endpoint. If you need more than 6 devices, you can use the mesh capabilities of nrf24l01+ chip. Multiple devices can be arranged on tree architecture in a user transparent way. The addressing is based on a 40 bit identifier.  

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