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I'm new to Arduino but I have programmed PICs and PCs in the past so I have reasonable experience.

In contrast to some other Forums I follow (JRuby programming and model railways) this Forum is really busy. That means that a question I asked yesterday morning is now on page 4. I did get some helpful information in response but I suspect there may be more available from some other forum readers. However I'd be very surprised if it is is ever seen again. It has been completely swamped (just like every other question) by dozens of newer different questions.

The other side of this problem is that I myself have information that may be helpful to other readers but there seems to be no easy way to find questions that I may be able to answer - short of spending hours reading the forum.

I realize that this may not be an easy problem to solve (that is, if anyone shares my view that it is a problem). One possibility might be to have a limited series of Tags that each question could be linked to. For example "stepper motor", "serial comms". Stackoverflow uses a system like that. I think it would be important that the Forum managers should control the list of Tags. If there are too many they would be no improvement on the present situation. It may be appropriate to have a different list of tags for the different Forums.

There seems to be no facility for me to see a list of all the topics I have posted to. It's easy to forget where I asked or answered a question (especially if it has slipped 3 or 4 pages) and I do like to keep in touch with topics in case I need to make a further input. www.rmweb.co.uk has this facility - though it may not be obvious unless you are logged in.

The inbuilt Forum search system seems to me to be poor to the point of being useless. I have no idea how it organizes the results. The style of the inbuilt search results is also unhelpful as it wastes screen space with excerpts from the posts whereas a list of topics would be sufficient. And there seems to be no method to get it to search for a phrase. When I put things in "quotes" it still returned examples with individual words. Searching the forum with Google was much more useful. Why not include that as an option in the forum?

Having said all that this forum is many times better than Google's own Google Groups system.




One way is to search for yourself in Members, and review your posts there.
Or save a thread in your Browser favorites.
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I would have to agree, Robin, but this is what we have.  This site has tons of information if someone is patient enough to search for it.

If you post in a thread, and there is a reply, you will get emailed and a link to the thread in the email.  That is how I keep up with the topics I am in.



you can allways check replies in the upper right
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Robin2 wrote:
One possibility might be to have a limited series of Tags that each question could be linked to. For example "stepper motor", "serial comms". Stackoverflow uses a system like that.

Yes, I like how Stackoverflow is so easy to use. The tag base approach, related links on the right hand side. Answers can be voted upon, making it easier for a newcomer to find a best approach method.

You are right, I've not come across another forum as busy as this one, refresh the main forum page, blink,refresh again and it's all new posts. A lot of the time many new posts are re-hashed old posts as a lot of people do not re-search by looking to see if their question might have been answered beforehand in another thread.

At least we are a busy bunch and you don't need to wait for days for advice if you present your question clearly and with any code in code tags. Nick Gammon has been trying to address a lot of the issues with providing a more detailed 'How to use this forum' topic.

I guess we are also stuck with this version of SFM forum software for the time being.
Hopefully when the next upgrade is performed it will relieve some of these issues.

Imagine, a forum for the Arduino community that was base on the Stackoverflow model, yum.

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