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Hello everyone!
   I have recently been trying to hook up a fairly old LCD to my arduino. It is a Batron LCM087 from 2000, with a 20 pin connector on the bottom. Though it differed a bit from the list of pins, I connected it to my Uno using the chart that I found here: http://playground.arduino.cc/Code/GLCDks0108. To find out which pins were different, I used this document : http://www.amdtech.net/archive/LCM087.pdf. It is the only documentation that I have been able to find for the panel so far. When I hooked up all of the pins, nothing happened! I am running the glcd "Hello World" program on my arduino. The screen still appears to be off, even though it has power. It has 3 HD61202FS on the bottom, and 3 CS pins, whereas the GLCD tutorial only wants two. Is this the issue? I also have no idea what voltage the backlight needs. It appears to be a CFL, but I don't know how to power it. Thank you ahead of time!


You will need to add more info, photo or wiring. You can try to power the backlight with 3.3V.


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