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Apr 04, 2013, 04:20 pm Last Edit: Apr 08, 2013, 05:23 pm by TjaartBester Reason: 1

I was wondering if the HC SR04 ultrasonic distance sensor is compatible with the DUE because the output signal of the HC SR04  is a 100us 5v pulse, will the DUE refuse the input? I am a bit hesitant to test it and was wondering if someone has done this.



You could use a voltage divider ...

a 10k and 15k resistor (where they meet) should give a 3v signal as a high...


Good idea, I'll test it today using a voltage divider and test using a pnp transistor an see whether is works.


Hello everyone

I have verified that the the HC SR04 ultrasonic distance sensor is compatible with the DUE. As cjdelphi suggested a voltage divider of 5.6K and 10K solved the 5V interfacing issue.


hello. I have the same problem that you've had. I have to interface the sensor HC-SR04 with arduino DUE and I thought well I use transistor and a voltage divider. I used a transistor bc558c only that it is giving vcc gnd that the base always gives me 5v output. transistor that you've used? so what do you recommend I purchase on the safe without spending money to try several. Thank you!

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