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Most large ac units have internal relays/contactors operated via a 24v coil. You may want to look at a relay that will also switch the control 24v coil in parallel to operate the main relays/contactors.
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but again,
will the contact switch terminals handle 120v ac.. ?
thats my concern, im no electrician, but i mess with this stuff, and i just dont want something failing and having to explain to landlord why the house went poof


I don't think auto relays are rated for 15A+..  You are going to have to find a relay rated at 30A or more. 



reason i ask, is im making a teleduino controlled home system, i want to be able to turn on and off our air conditioners and such, like for instance, when we are out in the summer and come home, have the a/c off while out, and about 20minutes before coming home turn them on, but since a/c's use high amps, i cant seem to find a relay powerful enough to handle it, all the arduino relay boards ive seen are either 10a, or 15a,

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