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Hello community,

I have been searching for nearly 3 days for an Ultrasonic 8MHz piezo ceramic element. Perhaps someone here has more experience than me with ultrasonics and can point me to a transducer or at least a manufacturer whom I may speak with.

My Project:

I have a BV-520T Vascular Doppler Detector which is used for vascular blood flow analysis. According to the box it runs at 8MHz +- 10%. My project requires that I have a "custom" probe (see attatched pictures for probe) with several heads (8 heads to be exact) so that I can build a small box between the Active elements (See pictures for elements circled in red) and the electronic circuit that you see in the picture to allow me to activate one head at a time.

My Observations:

It looks like that "circle" (inside the red circle in my pictures) is actually two half circles so I am assuming that one element is the sender and the other is the reciever making the whole element a transceiver.

My Question:

Does anyone know where I may find such an element? I just need the active element (Piezoceramic transducer 8MHz) and would rather NOT have to buy extra probes just to hack them appart and take the element itself.



..those are used in diagnostic sonography (ultrasonography), so ask a company servicing them..

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