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Hi there.

I've been trying to make a simple enough synth using mozzi, however I cant seem to wrap my head around how to work it. Ive read most of the examples that came with it and went through the docs, but i still find myself lacking the knowledge to get it going.

Does anyone know of a place with some beginner tutorials on how to use mozzi? It'd be greatly appreciated.



Did you make some sound with Mozzi on your Arduino board ?

What do you want to know ?

The terms like 'sweep' 'wave shaping' are normal terms for synthesizer sounds.

I must admit, I looked into the library code to learn more about Mozzi.
At this moment it lacks a lot of sampled sounds. I would like to have organ and piano and so.


Thanks for the reply.

Sorry, I should've been more specific. I understand most synth terms, like envelopes, sample/holds, sweeps etc.
The problem I'm having is Mozzi specific terms. For example, I can set it to play a certain note, but I am unsure on how to change this note using inputs on the arduino


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Two functions are called: void updateControl() and updateAudio().
The updateControl() can set the wave shaping and so on.

This is the explanation, http://sensorium.github.io/Mozzi/doc/html/group__core.html
But I find it hard to understand all the functions and how they are used.

If you take a look at the example "m_05_AMsynth.ino", it plays random notes. That is done in the UpdateControl() function.

You could use a potentionmeter to change things in the UpdateControl() function.
To get the value of a potentiometer, you could use analogRead().

This is an example how to use a potentionmeter as input, https://cs.marlboro.edu/courses/fall2012/gadgets/notes/MozziTest.ino_html

This is an example of a complete project with a potentionmeter used in UpdateControl(), http://www.cs4fn.org/arduinitar/

This is the most interesting, but I can't find the source code:

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