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Hi all,

I got this Graphics Board http://jeelabs.com/products/graphics-board
to work with arduino Due.

Since it was not totally clear to me, I thought it better to document it here.

I used the u8glib library because it was reported to work on the DUE.

I connected
AIO1 of the LCD (SID) to pin 11 of the DUE
DIO1 of the LCD (SCLK) to pin 13 of the DUE
AIO4 of the LCD (A0) to pin 9 of the DUE
DIO4 of the LCD (RST) to pin 12 of the DUE

I connected the DUE 3.3v pin to PWR1 of the LCD
and one of the DUE gnd pins to GND1 of the LCD

u8g wants to bring signal CS to the LCD, but this one is not available on the graphics board.
RST is optional according to u8g, but it is required to make the graphics board function.

in u8g I choose DOGM128 as the driver for the LCD, and added pin 12 (RST) at the end.
" U8GLIB_DOGM128 u8g(13, 11, 10, 9, 12); "

lastly, it proved necessary to tweak the contrast.
in example GraphicsTest I added
" u8g.setContrast(50);" in the setup routine.

I also removed the statements
" //pinMode(13, OUTPUT);
//digitalWrite(13, HIGH); "
from the setup routine as they messed up the state of the lcd.

I would have expected that you needed to configure the used pins
before using them on the DUE, but it proved not necessary.

<edit> more information about u8glib in the display section !
see http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,91395.0.html


Good work.

Thanks for reporting,


Thank you for posting.  Actually having pin numbers and any other helpful information on displays is nearly as important as the library itself.

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