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I posted this elsewhere on the Forum and realised it should have been here.

I need help please. I have just bought a couple of nRF24L01 (compatable) transceivers and have installed all the various libraries that are suggested on various sites. I have tried the usual tests (Poor Mans' Scanner, amongst many others) but I still get meaningless data on the serial monitor.

I followed the pinout at http://arduino-info.wikispaces.com/Nrf24L01-Poor+Man%27s+2.4+GHz+Scanner but all I get is output like this -

I'm using an Uno so the wiring shouldn't be a problem, though I suspect the problem might be with the modules themselves.

Any pointers would be appreciated



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Sounds like your baud rate is not set correctly on the serial monitor. Look at the source. Find the line which has, "Serial.being(xxxx)". Set the monitor's baud rate to match the 'xxxx' number. According to the link you provided, its 57600.

If you want a scanner which is a little easier to read, check out my RF24 github fork and use the scanner there.

The fork can be found here: https://github.com/gcopeland/RF24

Example output:
Scanning all available frequencies...Scan completed.

055 (2455Mhz): 04 - ****
056 (2456Mhz): 08 - ********
057 (2457Mhz): 04 - ****
058 (2458Mhz): 07 - *******
059 (2459Mhz): 10 - **********
060 (2460Mhz): 05 - *****
061 (2461Mhz): 03 - ***
062 (2462Mhz): 06 - ******
063 (2463Mhz): 05 - *****
064 (2464Mhz): 06 - ******
065 (2465Mhz): 13 - *************
066 (2466Mhz): 08 - ********
067 (2467Mhz): 05 - *****
068 (2468Mhz): 05 - *****
069 (2469Mhz): 06 - ******

The WIFI channels break out as described http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_WLAN_channels. My WIFI AP is on channel 11. So that should use 2457Mhz to 2467Mhz. The scanner says is seeing frequencies 2455Mhz to 2469Mhz. That's pretty dang close.



Hi gerg

Thanks for getting back to me. Sorry it's taken a while to respond. I'll definitely give that a try and let you know how I get on

Thanks again


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When there is only garbage on the serial port, check the baud rate.
Code: [Select]
Is this what you have set in the serial monitor?

edit: My bad. I see gerg already covered that. The coffee is just kicking in.  :)


Hi gerg

Yep, it was just down to the baud rate

Thanks again

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