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I want my Arduino to do some action when there is a specific volume for some period of time. I need to get the volume from a microphone (would be nice if you could point me to a nice mic that would work).

Can you give me some code or point me to a reference, please?

Maxwell D.

Owner and Webmaster of www.MDTech.us


May be too complex, graphic LCD and math, if you are novice. I've seen a shield for arduino, that does same things in hardware - rectifier, can't find a link.

I would prefer to just connect a simple mic to the arduino instead of getting a shield, because I want this to be as compact as possible and also for a couple other reasons. I just need a working mic and instructions, please.

Maxwell D.

Owner and Webmaster of www.MDTech.us


You can interface mic (I mean common electret mic) directly to arduino, only if on-board AVR chip has an amplifier. I have a project with Leonardo. In case if your arduino with AtMega328 you need an amplifier, at least one low power / high gain transistor with couple resistors and caps.  Better OPA.

Sorry to say, but I am a newbie at Arduino. So, can you please give me more specific instructions. I'm really from the software programming world but, I am fine with soldering.
Maxwell D.

Owner and Webmaster of www.MDTech.us


What kind of arduino do you have?



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I have an Arduino Uno.

I am really sorry I am being a nut-head, but can you give me step-by-step instructions?   :. :smiley-mr-green: :smiley-sad-blue: :smiley-red: :~
Maxwell D.

Owner and Webmaster of www.MDTech.us


Nothing can I do, I'm really bad as an instructor.  Try to search on this: http://www.instructables.com/ 

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