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I've probably found a solution to this pretty annoying problem.
Since I'm running Debian wheezy and I'm pretty lazy i just put the following line as a third line into my Arduino.h
Code: [Select]

You can find the Arduino.h (at least on a linux system) under:
Code: [Select]

Hope that helps as a temporary fix

Just wanted to say thank.  I've been trying to get code for my Mega 2560 building since switching to Eclipse for my IDE.  Had my UNO up and running pretty easily but the Mega code wouldn't compile due to this very problem.  Putting that line at the top of my Arduino.h file fixed the problem.  Thank you!


I got stuck on the same problem on FreeBSD 9.1-RELEASE, installing arduino from /usr/ports/devel/arduino

I added the line to Arduino.h, and restarted arduino.

Problem solved.

Thank you fmorgner


It isn't working like it should.
I'm not sure if the modification has anything to do with it.

The upload completes without any errors now, but the mega doesn't work at all.
I get nothing on serial. It seems like the mega is either hanging, or isn't booting up.
The only way to fix it, is to upload the sketch using another computer.

perhaps a bug with mega on Arduino-1.0.4 or FreeBSD port.

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