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I am using a romeo microcontroller on my project with a wifly. I have an basic sketch that moves a servo the way I want it to but as soon as I apply this code to the full project that includes the wifly the servo moves randomly. The confusion I am having is with the power applied to the romeo. I have
five, Duracell, 1.5V batteries connected to the Vin terminals of the the motors. This powers both the romeo and the motors. I then have the sparkfun wifly shield attached to my romeo. So the motors, romeo and wifly are all powered using the motor terminal power in. I suspect the problem is due to the current draw because of the large current draw of the wifly (140mA to 212mA when sending and receiving data). So when the wifly is not receiving data, the servo works fine but as soon as I have the wifly connected to the wifi and sending and receiving data, the servo loses control. So I added a 9V battery to the servo terminals of the romeo. Still, I had no luck. I tried this with the servo jumper both on and off. The servo is connected to the digital pins on top of the board in the image attached. It says in the manual that the servo is powered by external power once the jumper is removed. So my question is, should the servo be drawing the current of the external 9V battery and not the original power supply once connected to the digital pins? If not how do I do so?

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