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Topic: Using the ICSP header from the UNO to burn bootloader (Read 2045 times) previous topic - next topic


In the picture taken from this page, can I just use the ICSP header since I have a ribbon cable that plugs into that?  There's no difference from the ICSP pins and the 6 pins on the UNO, right?




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If you want to use the ICSP header to burn the bootloader on the chip in your Arduino (using an external ISP), then yes. If you want to use your Arduino as an ISP to burn a chip on a breadboard, then no, because although 5 of the 6 connections are the right ones, digital pin 10 is not on the ICSP header.
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Ah yes, looking at the pin out I see now that sixth pin connects to reset. So I can't use it to burn another chip on a breadboard.

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