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// Docedison //
On Thursday I'm going to electronic shop, so I can buy potentiometer, thanks for help ;)

// arloG //
Look at the schematic for my display: http://www.artronic.pl/o_produkcie.php?id=967
First is 5V, second is GND.


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Maybe, I thought Power can be replacement for Potentiometer.

You can never get a display by using 'Power' (meaning 5V) on pin 3 but you sometimes can get a usable display by using GND.  You could try this until you get your potentiometer.

That may get your display to power up but it looks like you have nothing connected to pin 5 (R/W) of the LCD module.  You will not get the LCD controller to initialize correctly or to display any characters until you connect that pin to GND.



// floresta //
I think so, because when I connecting Contrast pin with resistor etc. I have something like black pixels :s


Well, I'm obviously missing something.  I looked at your schematic.  It says pin 1 is Vss and pin 2 is Vdd. 

Don correctly notes that you've got to fix R/W.

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