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So I have recently picked up https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9026 to perform a little physical network forensics on the fly. What I am currently trying to do is dump the ARP cache on my Arduino in order to see what IPs respond to what MACs. I have been sifting through the Ethernet library but have not managed to find any reference to ARP(except for ARP timeout, which is currently commented out). Does anyone have any suggestions on where else I should look.

I have also used Wireshark in an attempt to identify how often an ARP request occurs. The downside is the connection request takes so long that both my server and the Arduino (acting) as a client request new MACs on every single connection attempt. I circumvented this on my Linux system by increasing the ARP cache time from the default 60 sec to 500 sec. However it did not change the timing  of the whole transaction so it made it difficult to identify if the Arduino is infarct performing an ARP cache but forgetting the data OR simply performs an ARP request every attempt.

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