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@moldov - Did you get them in any interesting color? Or just standard green?


Actually not, because another colors were twice more expencive


I like Elecrow for that. They charge about 2 or three bucks more for the boards, but about the same amount less for shipping, and some colors are free upgrades.


Nice addition, sanni!  That was quick.

I guess I'll have to post pictures of my pocket SNES reader.


As soon as you told me about your pocket SNES reader with an integrated battery it dawned on me, that's exactly what was missing the whole time. :)
It just elevates the whole project, absolutely loving it. <3


I should have taken your advice and picked up the 3D printer.

The PCB fab house is having difficulty making the acrylic pieces for my case.



How many are you looking for? I have a 3D printer.


Thanks hernan43!

I'll be in contact if I need help getting a case printed.  I'll wait to see what happens with my acrylic order.  My final PCBs were finished a week ago but the acrylic part of the order is unfinished so nothing has shipped.

I only want a couple cases.  The pocket/portable SNES Reader project is only for my personal use as the cost of the off-the-shelf components makes it quite expensive.

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