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On the tsop to dip adapter board for the 29f033. I bridged all the pads to program the 29f033, but when installing do i remove all bridges, some or leave it as is?


If you just put it into a standard SHVC-1J3M-20 pcb or similar you leave all bridges on my design of the adapter pcb closed.



I made a video about the process of putting together a translated SNES cartridge, I did not go into any details though to keep it nice and short:


Could you do a video on how to reprogram the 29f032 after it has been installed in a cartridge? I think that would be a nice addition.


Sure thing  :)

Now to make it even nicer you could install a switch into the cartridge case that switches between connecting the wires for flashing and closing the solder bridges for playing.


Also, this is a hirom board correct? Just want to point that out in case someone views the video. But, yes, i was thinking of adding a switch to erase and program without having to constantly resolder.


Updated my N64 Controller Pak video:

And also made one regarding GB and GBA flashcarts:

Reading and writing save games:


Just finished uploading the last files to my github and now everything should be ready to go.
If there are still questions just ask here in this thread.


Other than finishing the 27c322 adapter, what else do you have planned for the cart reader?


I just want to say THANK YOU for getting those last files uploaded/updated today, I've been following this project for a while and I'm really excited to get started with this shortly.

Great job on the tutorial videos as well, especially on how to solder everything to make sure I don't mess it up :)



I would like to appreciate all of Your work You've done for the whole community. I ordered 10 boards of Cartreader and SDcart adapter and I would like to contribute to community some how. For sure I don't need all the 10 boards,so I want to share 8 with You guys.

So if You don't mind to save a bit on PCB manufacturing I can send one to You (once I receive them) with just cost of shipping which shouldn't be more then 6USD from Russian Federation.


By request, I ported my CX4 (Rockman/Mega Man X2/X3) code to sanni's codebase.

The code is strictly for retail carts.  There are several X2/X3 prototypes that require different code to dump properly.

sanni has updated the Github repo with the CX4 code.



@Moldov I'll take one. Was going to offer the same, but you beat me to it.


@DieKatzchen - manufaturing suppose to send them in 1 day. I'm also waiting impatiently:)

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