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This little block of code:

Code: [Select]
//    if(recording && newReading)
//    {
//    if(strcmp(messageID, "GPGGA") == 0)
//      {
//        char filename[13];
//        sprintf(filename, "%s.txt", date);
//        if(!SD.exists(filename)) Serial.println("Making Directory");
//        File dataFile = SD.open(filename, FILE_WRITE);
//        // if the file is available, write to it:
//        if (dataFile)
//        {
//          dataFile.print(latitude);
//          dataFile.print(",");
//          dataFile.print(longitude);
//          dataFile.print(",");
//          dataFile.println(satsUsed);
//          dataFile.close();
//        }  
//      }
//    }

takes my sketch from 27,444 bytes (just under the 28,672 byte limit for the leonardo) to over 33,000 bytes.  Is there a seriously trimmed down version of the SD library or perhaps the adafruit OLED display library that anyone knows about?
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sprintf() is large because it has to incorporate a scripting language.  Try using more primitive operations like strcpy().

Code: [Select]

       char filename[13];
       strcpy(filename, date);
       strcpy(filename + strlen(date), ".txt");
            Serial.println("Making Directory");
        File dataFile = SD.open(filename, FILE_WRITE);
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I'll give that a try....i use sprintf in a couple of places so maybe I can trim some fat there.
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