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I live in Belgium, I think I'm screwed the most.


My thought about the distance was more of how many "segments" the connection needs to go through to get to SparkFun's servers. Each one would add a delay, chance of error, etc...


Well, I am not sure if it is such a good idea for Sparkfun to try "free day" again next year....


I think the reason there's nothing in the donation field is because nobody's been able to get to the quiz.  I got to the page that asks if you want to take the lump sum or the quiz but when I clicked the quiz I got an error page and I haven't gotten that far again.  I keep getting logged out too.  So the totals right now probably reflect only those who took the lump sum, and there is no donation for those that do that.


That makes sense to me. Hopefully they will "learn their lesson" again and add to their capabilities for a repeat next year. It seems like a good idea but again they appear to have underestimated the response.


I keep getting logged out too.

Me too!


That is not encouraging. I have not even been able to see if I have ever successfully logged in. I saw the login page appear maybe twice but have not seen it since (~20min).


I was on the way to work and got logged in on my iPad and to the decision screen but got stuck there. Now from work sparkfun won't even load. www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com says they are dead.


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Thanks. I have to bookmark that site for the future.

Edit: As of 12:31pm (1hr 31min after start) I just got to answer my first quiz question... It also seems to be holding my login and quiz answers through timeouts and such.


I got to the 2nd question finally, but it didn't take the awsner of the first question.

Yeah it registered question 2!


Weird. Mine got 1 and 2, but now I am timing out to see how I did on 3 (and get my fourth).


heh dance my pretties DANCE for the sparkfun trinket  ;)


Do you have to get through all 10 to finish, or can you just take what little you get and run with it?


I think you can awsner what you want.  If you miss one you lose $3. I am on my third question trying to submit.


I reckon Sparkfun depend on their servers not being able to cope on their give-away days.....   ;)

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