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I hadn't seen any protoshields specific to the DUE out there yet, i took my first stab and had some run off for SOIC breakouts and general prototyping. Couple of silk screen errors but eager to hear any feedback.

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I like your work, especially the SPI handling (which all to many forget).  My personal opinion is the SOICs take up space better reserved for breadboard as if one is going to use a SOIC they'll often get a breadboard adapter for prototyping so that space is not useful for other types of components.

It could be cool to have places for the pullups on I2C #1 (the second one without resistors onboard).  Also anything the CAN bus folks might want maybe. 

I'm sure there are more, anyone?


Thanks for the feedback! I will put it to use.
I've been loosely following the CAN thread and i'm going to roll transceivers into the next rev. Sorry, I don't want to be kicked off of this board for soliciting but i am pushing what i have left of these first boards with headers onto ebay.
Dan - www.togglebit.net - Arduino DUE proto shields - Arduino DUE CAN shields


A few guys push their Arduino-based boards here, I don't think anyone has a problem with it.

Rob Gray aka the GRAYnomad www.robgray.com


Thanks for considering our ideas.  If you have a fair amount of space, I like the boards that have some DIP routing as placing DIPs on the "plated through hole only" makes it tough to solder to.  One can use wire wrap with linger sockets but they might touch the Due board.

I like your consideration for access to power - ground, 3.3v, 5v, all get used in nearly any circuit.


sorry somehow my notifications on this forum posts got turned off or blocked, apologize for hte late reply. I appreciate the feedback! I will look to implement these on the next run, I'm working on a version with CAN xceivers now.

I did have a run of these protoshields done, again but had a couple of small number errors on the comms pins but if you want one i've got them up on ebay with complete headers.


Or if you are short cash just PM me and i'll just mail one out to you, happy to share.
Dan - www.togglebit.net - Arduino DUE proto shields - Arduino DUE CAN shields


I'm interested in one of your boards and can order one on EBay, but I wonder if you have finished your next revision?  I really don't need the two SOIC headers and would prefer more prototyping space.  Also, I would like to have the pins on the double row brought out on the board as is done with this board (white outlined holes on the right):




Thanks for the feedback. I will incorporate this into the next design rev. If you want PM me a prepaid address label and I will stick one of the current rev pcbs (pictured) i have in the mail to you. Greatly appreciate the feedback I want to produce something useful for all. Fyi I just did a CAN version and posted it in the CAN thread.
Dan - www.togglebit.net - Arduino DUE proto shields - Arduino DUE CAN shields


I have had interest from the community on this protoshield and built up a webstie to support it.  www.togglebit.net Thank you to all who have purchased and contributed feedback.
Dan - www.togglebit.net - Arduino DUE proto shields - Arduino DUE CAN shields


Nice work, I have emailed to enquire about getting a couple to try.

Suggestion, try to make the connections near the edges, and make the
layout of the parts more compact (transceivers near the connections)
so that there is more remaining build/proto space.

We are talking to the Nissan LEAF via its 4 CAN buses (though usually
only one or two at a time, but have logged all 4), and are working on
being able to make a 12 kW mini-QC (Quick Charger) for this great
all-Electric vehicle.

Thanks for sharing your work, and offer of boards.
Cheers, Gary

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