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Hello, I am trying to connect a large battery to a large motor and have it run using an arduino, (ie. the arduino can control when the motor is running or stopping). Right now I have something that looks like this

There is a PWM port in the Vex Spike. This is what I am working with.

Does any one have any sample code that will work with this? Or does anyone know of the setup that I would need in, in terms of wiring the Vex Spike directly to the Arduino, that would help me?



Have you hooked up the 3 wires that go to the Microcontroller?  Have you read the user guide?


Have you hooked up the 3 wires that go to the Microcontroller?  Have you read the user guide?

You mean the 3 wires that would normally go to the VexSpike? No, not yet. I was actually wondering what wires I should connect to where?
The Three wires that would normally conenct to the SPike are Ground, VCC, & PMW cable. The unfortunate thing is that this is a VEX, (for Vex Cortex Microcontroller) product, so there is no user manual for Arduino. :(
Hoping you guys could help me? If not, would there be an alternative? I'm looking into the 'motorshield' rright now. It requires a bit of soldering...


The user guide listed on the product page has the information you need to connect it and what the Vex needs to work (turn the motor).  All you have to do is connect ground and 2 wires to the arduino (any pin), then program the arduino to make a wire go HIGH for forward and the other HIGH (make the other one LOW) to make it go in reverse. 

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