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Assuming you are powering Mega and all of the lights via the wall socket, the simplest approach is just use a power strip with an on/off switch.  Then plug in your power cords to the power strip.  If you are using batteries, then obviously you want a toggle switch between the batteries and the electronics.  I assume that with 8,000 LEDs, you aren't powering all of those LEDs directly from the Mega.  If you have multiple power supplies, you can get double pull, single throw switch (DPST) that one switch controls two wires.  If you need it there are higher versions like triple pull, single throw.


Are you wanting to turn off power to the cube? or are you wanting to give a signal to the Arduino to turn off the cube?


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I actually want the LED Cube to turn on/off so that it does not light up all the time we connect the Arduino MEGA 2560 to the computer via USB cable.


To explain the project a bit more:

We are going to have 6 effects showing up on the LED Cube.
What we basicually want is to be able to turn the LED cube on/off.

So if the Arduino MEGA 2560 is using a switch, when the switch button is on, the Arduino MEGA 2560 should be turned on and the first effect will be shown, the second, the third and so on....and when we turn the Arduino MEGA 2560 off, the Arduino MEGA 2560 will be turned off.

Turning the Arduino MEGA 2560 on again will simply turn on the Arduino MEGA 2560 and show the first effect, the second and the third and so on....

The program should start over from the beginning everytime we turn on the Arduino MEGA 2560. That is how we are planning to do it.

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