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Thanks looks just the job.
Only twice the price of the platinum sensor ????

I just found some cheaper solutions by searching for "ceramic terminal block" on eBay.
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Many thanks , looks just the job, anyone know of a uk supplier for that chip please?


Remember the HP Test equipment that used the ceramic terminal blocks?... I still have an HP 5" 5 MHz scope with those things in it...

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Thanks for the replies, I have now found a supplier, however the package is very small and will probably be beyond the resolution of my printer and soldering ability.
Can anyone suggest a solution?

I know that adapter boards are sometimes to be found to other footprints, however please do not suggest eBay unless it someone you have personally dealt with and are happy with.

Fwiw I had a board for an Amtel project last year which i suspect had been immersion tinned,it was totally unsolderable,probably  because it had been stored too long, it cost me dear in lost components.

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