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Is it possible to edit the bootloader so the fading led is changed to another pin?
I have an olimexino leonardo 32u4, and it have leds attached to pin 7 and 9, but not pin 13.
MightyCore -  ATmega1284, mega644, mega324, mega164, mega32, mega16, mega8535

MiniCore - ATmega8, mega48, mega88, mega168, mega328


That is possible, but not easy.

It is a lot easier to change the board.
According to the schematic there is some kind of solder pads/jumpers for the leds at D7 and D9.
In the photo I can see LED1_E and LED2_E, I think that are the solder pads/jumpers.
You could remove the copper trace between the pads, and make a wire from D13 to that point.

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