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How do you make a parallel port to usb port with arduino uno


Could you be explain what you had in mind ?
I think it is not possible.

A USB Host Shield could be added to the Arduino, and the Arduino could detect the signals from the parallel port. But that would not result into something useful. Perhaps a mouse could be controlled, and perhaps it is possible to write a program on the PC that uses the parallel port to detect the mouse movements.

Or do you want to connect a PC to the Arduino via USB and the Arduino creates a parallel port for example for a printer. The Arduino would have to emulate an existing USB-to-serial adapter. I don't know if that is possible.


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When we connect the Arduino to the PC thru USB, it creates a virtual serial port (COM1) on the computer.

I guess what he wants, is that instead of a virtual serial port, the Arduino creates a virtual parallel port (LPT1), so it can act like a USB-PARALLEL converter.

I also have this doubt. Is it possible ?

Then we connect the DB25 connector to the input pins of the Arduino making it a complete USB-PARALLEL converter.

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