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Clearly getting the eprom was a wrong move. My other option(or idea, but might not be a very good one) is to connect the camera to a SIM5216E 3g shield. the datasheet indicates that its possible to connect the camera pins on the shield but the pins are marked 'NC'.
this is the shield i have ftp://imall.iteadstudio.com/Shield/IM121026002/DS_IM121026002_3G_Shield.pdf
this is its schematic ftp://imall.iteadstudio.com/Shield/IM121026002/SCH_IM121026002_3G_Shield.pdf
Could i connect the camera to the shield instead of using the arduino directly?


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Hello Mr_arduino
I have planed to use the OV7670 camera module to capture picture with arduino mega 2560 R3. I m using it to drive à robot and get few data from robot.
I m using arduino programming IDE to write code.
The code you gave is compiled with another compiler and as I do not have deep kwnowledge on this it is à liltle bit hard for me.
Is it possible to give us(I guess I m not alone in that case) a hello world example to capture picture and store it in an array( in order to save it in SD card or send it other serial) written with arduino IDE.
Thanks à lot in advance.


hye...i wanna ask if this camera is same with JPEG TTL CMOS camera???


I made some code for the arduino mega awhile ago check it out it uses the arduino ide
It is no were near the jpeg TTL camera. The Jpeg TTL CMOS camera is way easier to use but cost more money.



I have the same problem with OV7670 v2 + Mega R3, a lack of experience stops me to get those things work together..
Mr_arduino it would be really great if could share the code and wiring with us?

Thank you.

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