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Isnt sparks with them, if so they have commented

Least they didnt call me an @ssHole this time lol


Least they didnt call me an @ssHole this time lol

Not yet, anyway.
The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.


Isnt sparks with them, if so they have commented

I wouldn't have thought so.



yep, been watching. Anyone have a legitimate suggestion on what they think could be improved at SparkFun?



Ive given my list numerous times, including once to nate, bout the only thing that changed (months later) was you finally dropped that silly CD4051 on a breakout board for 4.99$ to the dip version (at less than a buck)

so yea your asking, but I dont feel like wasting time doing it again


Better international shipping options would be nice, more reasonable prices, I can sacrifice those freeweekends designed to take your website down for better shipping and closer prices, about a 10% on the cost of production + sales tax seems reasonable. Also, better organisation of the site annd some more forward facing board design options, I believe you offer that service, can't quite remember the name. Also, where a CC license is used, or where a product is from a data sheet/ close to existing design publishing it CC your be good, let's face it if someone were to want to copy your design it is all on the PCB it's self anyways.

There you go @ROHS


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Isnt sparks with them, if so they have commented

Just in case there is any confusion, No, I am not affiliated with Sparkfun.
Just don't like being told that something is "not debatable" - especially based on the inane "evidence" presented.

So Osgeld, please feel free to stick your tongue out as much as you like.

(Wouldn't have responded to this (mostly) lame thread again, but didn't want any confusion about my name vs. Sparkfun.)  :-X


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This thread has become boring and irrelevant.

I stopped reading by page 4 ;D!


Jul 15, 2010, 03:15 pm Last Edit: Jul 15, 2010, 03:15 pm by Osgeld Reason: 1
Just don't like being told that something is "not debatable" - especially based on the inane "evidence" presented.

since you were not involved before or after that post, I am not sure I was not telling YOU anything, but I will be sure to clear my post's with you from now on so I wont offend you



I'd like to follow up with my customer support experience.

I placed my first Sparkfun order a few weeks ago, and it shipped in about 2 days.  It arrived about 3 days later (which is normal), and everything was professionally packaged and intact.

However, after looking closely, I realized that one product (an NDS touch screen breakout board) had a bridge between two pins.  I took a macro shot with my camera, quickly found the Customer Support email address on the website, and shot an email out to them with the picture and an explanation of what was wrong.

About 4 hours later (pretty darn quick IMO), I got an email back from someone named Tim apologizing for the problem and saying they'd happily ship out a replacement.

I got a shipment notification the next day and received the replacement a few days later, this one without solder bridges.

Now that I had a replacement I felt comfortable trying to fix the solder bridge with a razor blade, and managed to get it to work fine :).

My personal experience:  The Sparkfun custom support are nice, prompt, and willing to help out.  I was pretty satisfied, despite the higher product prices.


I'm glad your experience was positive. I've made several purchases there and, yes, despite the high price on lots of items, they're reliable. I've since started looking for cheaper parts on ebay and my experience is mixed.
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Sparkfun have some good products, i do think their prices are a little high, but as an importer myself i know that a lot has to do with exchange rates, gbp, dollars and yen, also it has something to do with Sparkfun offering products that a lot of people either dont have the knowledge to make or it's just too much hassle to make or maybe they are newbies who think thats a cool product but dont know the true worth of that product, me, i won't buy something if i can fabricate it cheaper myself, even if it does take some effort, every minute spent figuing out how to do something is a minutes more learning and experience, rather than buying something ready made and not having a clue what i does or how to use it


I have been thinking about ordering some stuff from them (RF link transmitter/receiver). Those transmitter/receivers seem to be reasonably priced... Anyway, I guess I will have to let my experience speak for itself...


(RF link transmitter/receiver). Those transmitter/receivers seem to be reasonably priced

Hehe those are the main reason I placed my order :).  They're working great! :)


TchnclFl, thanks! That's good to know :)

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