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Yes, yet another project on the web that involves the ever-popular IKEA Lack side table :-). So my idea is as follows: I want to hollow it out, build a capacitive sensor board from mdf with four squares of aluminium foil stuck to it. It will be contacted with copper tape where i'll solder the wires onto. A sheet of plastic for insulation on top. Then a slightly bigger board of mdf will be turned into a big 8x8 Led matrix, using diffused warm white LEDs. The matrix is meant to be controlled by this I2C board: http://www.adafruit.com/products/870 . The matrix gets stacked over the sensor board. Finally a milk glass plate comes on top of it all. The wires will be pulled through the table's lower side, that's why the sensor board should be slightly smaller than the matrix. A Pro Mini is meant to be the main controller. It'll be stuck to the table with velcro for easy debugging. The whole contraption will be powered by a 9V Wall wart.
My main concerns are: 1.: Could the matrix possibly disturb the sensors? And 2.: has someone got a datasheet for the I2C board?
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