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I want to make a led matrix of 10 lines and 24 columns.
But i have a question about powering the leds.

I created a 5x5 matrix, but when 1 line of 5leds is on, the leds are dimmed

The lines are powered with a 74hc595 and the columns with another 74hc595 with on each output pin a resistor and NPN for the ground.

I don't want this problem in my 10x24 matrix.
what must i be used for powering up the matrix?

each led must have the full brightness (20mA)
i want to switch 480mA, but the 74HC595 connat and tpic6B595 is only sink.

who can help me?

my local parts shop say to use a 74LS595, but see no difference

What about a 4017 decade counter for sinking?


74HC595 controlling PNP transistors to source current into anodes, 74HC595 controlling ULN2803 to sink current from cathode columns.
200mA to sink per column.
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Depending on the way you wire it up will depend on the software you need to multiplex it.

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