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I stumbled upon the Arduino Pro Mini and thought that this would be a great little guy to use for my project.  But I see that it is now retired (https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9218). I was looking at comments and found that some have stated that it is unreliable, possibly due to the crystal.  However, these comments are 2-3 years old.

Does anyone know if this is the reason why it was retired?  Were they made more reliable later prior to retirement?  Does anyone have more recent info on this?  If this isn't reliable, is there an more inexpensive board out there that I could use for my project.

I require 2 analog ins, 5-7 digital outs (4 for an H-bridge, the rest for LEDs).  I ran across the ATtinys but I'm not sure they have enough memory (haven't looked into it far enough and am having trouble figuring out the download procedure).


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You can get an Arduino Nano or even the Micro on EBay for $12 - $20.
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I require 2 analog ins, 5-7 digital outs (4 for an H-bridge, the rest for LEDs).

The Baby Orangutan is tiny, cheap, and has an integral dual H-bridge driver that's good for about 1 Amp per channel.
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If you look in the very first line of the pro mini description on sparkfun, they link to a $10 replacement.

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Gravitech still carries them too
Not unreliable at all. I have about 10 of them running, turned on en masse 3 times a week for a couple of hours at a time.

Want to go smaller?

Make your own board?

Or surface mount?
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