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Some of you may find this interesting: a sub-module of my "intelligent" ATX-based bench power supply.

I have managed to fabricate the current sensing daughter-board from some matrix board and adhesive copper tape, like this:

You can read more about it on my blog here:

Comments / questions welcome of course

My blog http://8266iot.blogspot.com


it looks like a real good job but how's the soldering to the copper strips? does it melt the adhesive or are you using a 15-25 watt iron?


Thanks. I use an antex xs25...the soldering is fine, I smeared a liitle of the brown jelly flux on the copper tape first with a cocktail stick to assist flow. Either the smell of burning glue was marked by solder/flux or I didnt stay long enough to melt it.

I'd post a pic of the solder, but I'm a bit hamfisted and it looks a bit scrappy, although it certainly works
My blog http://8266iot.blogspot.com

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