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Hello I need something that has a lot of torque I have some high torque servos but they only go 180 so I was wondering if stepper motor have a lot of torque?


Well you'll need to be more quantitative. Calculate the torque you need, then look on the makers' websites for motors that match....
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Your answer may already be here: https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=384198.0


thanks I should of done that in the first place


No, stepper motors have very little torque.
Running fast they have even less torque.


Unless they are geared 64:1.  Then they have 64x the torque at a slow speed.
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No, stepper motors have very little torque.
Running fast they have even less torque.

You're buying the wrong brand!  Seriously this is a pointless statement without numerical
values or a frame of reference.

I've some NEMA23 steppers rated at about 3N-m and 3A, approx 1 ohm windings, they'll go
fast and torquey with high-voltage driver, but speed suffers with low voltage drive.
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Amount of torque depends on the size of the motor, and the gear train that it is connected through. What torque rating is the servo you are using?

Small stepper motors can have a few ounce-inches of torque to large steppers that can have thousands of ounce-inches of torque. I have 3 medium sized motors that have over 600 ounce-inches.

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