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Author Topic: Arduino Mega 2560 + Sparkfun USB HostShield + Oleg's Code  (Read 670 times)
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I have a couple of things I had ask to about the integration of my USB Barcode Scanner to the Arduino.

This is what I have done so far:
1. Placed my Sparkfun USB Hostshield onto my Mega
2. Jumpered RST to D7
3. Changed the following in Usb.h

// typedef MAX3421e<P10, P9>            MAX3421E;               // Official Arduinos (UNO, Duemilanove, Mega, 2560  <<--- Modified line
typedef MAX3421e<P53, P9>              MAX3421E;               // Official Arduinos (UNO, Duemilanove, Mega, 2560

However, I still end up with the following result when I run it:

Circuits At Home 2011
USB Host Shield Quality Control Routine
Reading REVISION register... Die revision invalid. Value returned: 00
Unrecoverable error - test halted!!
0x55 pattern is transmitted via SPI
Press RESET to restart test

I really do not what else needs to be done.

Any help will be appreciated smiley

Bangalore, India
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Which version of Sparkfun's USB Host Shield are you using and which version of Oleg's library you are using?

Check out my post, which explains the different configurations -

Also did you try it Arduino Uno instead of Mega?

Checkout some of my Arduino projects and tutorials

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