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Hello guys,

I am looking for the best preamp for guitar using TL082 or lm358. i saw a link http://audio.circuitlab.org/2012/06/simple-preamp-mic-using-lm358.html. but i never try this. what i have now is TL082 IC to make the preamp for guitar.  i want to use this sketch for a while.http://interface.khm.de/index.php/lab/experiments/arduino-realtime-audio-processing/

any recommendation?

Thanks in advance!


Do not use that circuit...  It's a special circuit that supplies DC power to an electret microphone.  You do not want to feed DC power into your guitar's pick-up coil.   It also probably has way too much gain (except when the gain is turned way down).

The TLO82 is fine if you want to build a preamp.

With the proper impedance (1 Megohm or more) an electric guitar will put-out about 1 volt, and you may not need a  preamp.   (The Arduino's ADC has very-high input impedance.)   

If you are driving a regular power amp (with an typical input impedance of 10K - 100K) a buffer amplifier made with any standard op-amp will give you high input-impedance and low output-impedance, but with no signal gain (gain =1.0).

If you do need some gain/amplification, a non-inverting amplifier made with any op-amp will have very-high input impedance, and a gain 10 or less should be sufficient.


Thanks DVDdoug,

i have found a circuit preamp for TL082, this one? .

do you think this is work?


Have a look here http://www.generalguitargadgets.com, they have a projects section.
Arduino Libraries https://github.com/MajicDesigns?tab=Repositories
Parola for Arduino https://github.com/MajicDesigns/Parola
Arduino++ blog https://arduinoplusplus.wordpress.com

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