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Hello all..

I called several electronic providers and they all suggested that I first post here.

I am making a dog door and would like to incorp an rfdi into the door.  This is such as far stretch from anything I have experience with I am feeling like a fish out of water.

Here is my understanding of what I will need and the issues I can see...

RFID receiver/transmitter
-  issue there range I need at least 1 foot preferably 2 foot range.
    * as I see it there are 3 possible solutions to the range issue
      1.) try to find a receiver able to provide the range (preferred though maybe cost prohibitive)
       2.) break out the transmitter/receiver - attempt to add coils to the tag or up the gain on the receiver.
        3.) try to find a reasonably priced active system.

Issue two:

How to run the thing... The board/programming.  I have no, none, zip experience with arduino programming ect.  I am of reasonable intelligence and feel I can figure it out with a bit of dirrection.  I am looking at the programming as an issue after I get the equipment
I narrowed down.


The actual lock.  This is mainly for opinions in the easiest/cleanest way to go.  I was looking into actuators that as power is applied they are "deployed" when power is removed they quickly retract.  I can make something with a spring, if not available commercially.  I was also thinking that it maybe smart to attach an electromagnet to this on a delay that is slightly ahead of the engagement of the locks.  Then disengaging as the locks engage.  Lining everything up.  My concern is what would be required to connect to the board, one or 2 relays.  The lock set up the I was invissioning would be similar to a gun safe.

I am looking for ideas on equiptment and perhaps some suggestions on kits/books/boards to purchase that I can play with and following instructions ect.  Just to get my feet wet.  If anyone can suggest an RFID unit and other required pieces.  I would be beyond greatful.


you could use a reedswitch contact to determine if that door is in its resting position. for locking the door you could also simply use servo motors.

there r rfid cat flap arduino tutorials, search for those.... i think locking and stuff will be easy, first try to figure out the rfid stuff

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